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Solutions for Dry Scalp

A healthy scalp is the foundation for healthy hair. As your mane’s life support system, the scalp provides nutrients into the hair follicles to promote growth and strength to the emerging hair. As your strands grow, the scalp continues to nurture the hair by supplying protective oils, which help re-enforce your hair’s internal moisture balance. 


A dry scalp disrupts this natural process, often resulting in unhealthy-looking or damaged hair. Scalp dryness is caused by a number of different factors, including the usage of heavy products that clog your pores, diet, health conditions and even environmental factors. 


There are several easy steps you can take to help relieve a dry scalp:

  • Avoid using products that clog pores and inhibit the natural flow of protective oils to the hair follicles and hair shaft.
  • Use a light natural oil, daily moisturizer or leave-in conditioner that moisturizes and conditions the scalp.  
  • Give yourself a regular Hot Oil treatment that can help moisturize the scalp.


In the right hand column, you’ll find recommended MegaGrowth products that are well-suited to maintain a healthy scalp by delivering intense moisture and conditioning, along with nourishing natural oils.



Dry Scalp Product Suggestions:

Solutions for Dry Hair

“My hair is dry” is the number one hair complaint we receive. Parched hair, when left untreated, can cause damage like the loss of elasticity, which makes the hair more prone to breakage when styling. Cosmetic issues like frizz, dullness and excessive tangles are also results of dryness.


For those with tight curls and kinky-coily hair, dryness is of particular concern. This curl pattern makes it more difficult for protective oils to travel from the scalp to the ends of the hair shaft, resulting in naturally dryer hair.


Here are a few other factors that can contribute to dry hair:

  • Neglecting to moisturize dry hair on a daily basis
  • Excessive shampooing that strips the hair of moisture
  • Heat-styling and blow-drying
  • Environmental factors such as sun, dry heat and lack of humidity in the air
  • Extended use of weaves and wigs
  • Frequent coloring, relaxing or texturizing


MegaGrowth offers a variety of excellent products to combat dry hair, from gentle moisturizing shampoos and light leave-in conditioners, to deep conditioners that penetrate the hair shaft to replenish lost moisture and nutrients inside the hair.  These products all contain a moisture rich complex of natural oils and vitamins that help restore the hair back to a healthy state.


In the right hand column, you’ll find recommended MegaGrowth products that are well-suited to help prevent and eliminate hair dryness problems.



Dry Hair Product Suggestions:

Solutions for Hair Breakage and Split Ends

Hair damage commonly occurs both to the outer layer of the hair (the cuticle) and the inner core of the hair (the cortex). Typically, hair damage shows up in the form of:

  • Loss of hair strength/elasticity (which can lead to breakage)
  • Hair breakage
  • Moisture loss
  • Hair dullness, brittleness and  loss of body
  • Split Ends

some common causes of daily hair damage include:

  • Combing and manipulation of the hair when styling
  • Heat, including blow drying, flat ironing, curling irons, etc.
  • Extended use of weaves and wigs
  • Loss of moisture
  • Chemical treatments (hair color, relaxers and texturizers)
  • Environmental damage: sun and UV rays, pollution, ozone


To prevent or repair damage, you need to protect healthy hair and strengthen weakened hair to be able to resist the stresses of excessive style manipulation, heat-styling, chemical treatments and weave-wearing.  


MegaGrowth products have been uniquely formulated with powerful proteins, vitamins and nourishing oils to strengthen, protect, deeply hydrate and replenish moisture to the hair shaft.  MegaGrowth formulas address both the outside layer of the hair (the cuticle) as well as the inner core of the hair (the cortex).  Combined, our formulas act as a protective shield to allow you to switch up your styles with ease and not at the expense of your hair’s health.


See the right hand column for some of the MegaGrowth products that are uniquely formulated to strengthen, moisturize and protect your hair from breakage and split-ends.


Protecting Your Hair from Heat Styling

Blow drying, along with the intense heat of flat irons, ceramic irons and curling irons, can cause damage if the proper products aren’t used. Many make the mistake of applying heat to the hair without first using a protective heat-styling serum or leave-in conditioner.  Without such protection, heat can strip the hair of needed moisture and can cause the hair to form cracks and weak spots in the hair’s outer layer, resulting in splitting and brittleness.


The MegaGrowth products recommended in the right column are particularly effective in laying a protective layer on the hair that helps prevent moisture loss, strengthen and protect hair. Follow the directions carefully for each product to learn how each works best to protect and strengthen hair before, during or after heat application.



Hair Breakage Product Suggestions:

Select the Right Relaxer to Strengthen and Protect

MegaGrowth relaxers are developed with one end result in mind: to deliver sleek, strong, healthy tresses. MegaGrowth relaxers are based on a unique advanced Crème-on-Crème system with an infusion of strengthening proteins and protective oils in every step of the process. This powerful Ultra Protective Complex makes our advanced Crème-on-Crème relaxer system an unrivaled straightening experience. Thanks to the strengthening proteins and conditioners in each step, your tresses are made stronger, so they can better resist damage and breakage.


STEP 1 – CRÈME ON CRÈME ADVANCE NO-LYE RELAXER FOMRULA * An exclusive Anti-Breakage Defense formula especially protective of temples, nape, ends and crown * Safer and Ultra Gentle, Fresher Pre-measured Touch-ups with strengthening proteins and conditioners for maximum protection.


Step 2 – DamageFree ADVANCED NUETRALIZING SHAMPOO GEL * Thick Gel formula clings to scalp for instant, deep neutralization * Pink lather changes to white lather to let you know when all the relaxer is rinsed out.


Step 3 Breakfree ADVANCED LEAVE-IN STRENGTHENER * Anti-Breakage Leave-in formula for maximum conditioning and protection * Immediately strengthens relaxed hair up to 100% stronger after application * Leaves hair smoother, shinier and more flexible with greater body and bounce.


Step 4 MegaGrowth ADVANCED ANTI-BREAKAGE STRENGTHENER * Daily Moisturizing Formula helps strengthen hair deep inside for longer, healthier looking hair that’s up to 100% stronger. Gives lasting all-day moisture, shine and conditioning for softer, silkier, healthier looking results.


The complete MEGAGROWTH ADVANCED ANTI-DAMAGE NO-LYE RELAXER SYSTEM helps strengthen the hair and defend against breakage, split-ends and dryness. Please review some important application tips that will help make your experience outstanding.


MegaGrowth No-Lye Relaxer Kits come in various Touch-up sizes so you can pick and choose the right quantity for your needs. In the right column you will find different Touch-up size so you can pick the right quantity for your needs – from a One (1) Touch-up kit to a six (6) Touch-up kit. You can also select from a regular strength formula to a super strength formulas. 


CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Healthy Application Steps To Beautifully Relaxed Hair


Hair Texture Product Suggestions:

Preventing Damage from Weaves, Extensions & Braids

Weaves, wigs and braids, otherwise known as protective styles, are great ways to offset bad hair days or give your hair some much needed rest from excessive styling. However, when worn longer than advised, these styles shield the scalp and hair from receiving moisture and proper ventilation and conditioning. The usage of weave caps and lace front weave can also block the application of necessary cleansing agents and moisturizing oils. These weaves can damage hair and skin resulting in unhealthy scalp issues as well as brittle, broken damaged hair with a rough brittle texture.


Professionals suggest wearing weaves for no longer than eight weeks at a time (less time is better), as well as cleansing weekly with a protein-infused shampoo (available in the MegaGrowth line) and applying nourishing scalp moisturizing oils (available in the MegaGrowth line).


The MegaGrowth products in the right column are particularly effective in helping maintain healthy hair before, during or after wearing a protective style.



Hair Damage from Weaves, Extensions & Braids Prevention Suggestions:

Addressing Fading or Thinning Edges

The crown, edges and temples are the most sensitive areas of your hair and you’ll typically see damage here first. Culprits range from excessive edge straightening to the pulling and tugging for styling, including tight braids and weaves.


Restorative Hair Strengthening Treatments are required to encourage natural healthy looking growth and soothe damaged areas. To help restore your temples and edges start by reducing styles that put undue stress on your hairline, such as tight ponytails or tight braids and weaves that come in contact with hairline. If you relax your hair, make sure to apply the relaxer last to edges and temples in order to protect these areas from any risk of over-processing. Ideally, use a relaxer like MegaGrowth that also strengthens the hair and helps protect edges, crown and ends from breakage.


The MegaGrowth products in the right column are particularly effective in helping nurture and restore moisture and strength to damaged edges and fading temples. Remember hair thinning could be symptom of a larger health issue, so always consult a Physician if the thinning persists or spreads.


Fading or Thinning Edges Product Suggestions: