Caring For Your Scalp Has Never Been This Easy

Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo

Frequent hair washing strips the natural oils, making your scalp dry. If you must wash often, use a gentle shampoo to remove the excess oil and dirt from your scalp, without causing dryness.

Always condition when you wash

A well-moisturized scalp improves the healthy look of the hair.Use the MegaGrowth Anti-breakage Strengthening Deep Conditioner every time you shampoo your hair. The Deep Conditioner restores any moisture that was removed during the cleansing process and protects against breakage, split-ends and dryness. It also repairs damage caused by styling stress, heat styling and over-processing.

Treat your scalp with essential oils every day.

Natural oils like Argan Oil and Avocado Oil aid in the fight against dandruff. MegaGrowth Growth-Oil is scientifically formulated with these wonder oils to prevent your hair from breakage, split-ends and dryness. Apply the Growth-Oil and massage it into the scalp. Do this every day before styling your hair to keep your scalp moisturized.

Keep the scalp happy when braiding or weaving.

There are countless braid and weave styles that are perfect for women who like to keep their hair covered. As beautiful as weaves and braids are, they come with their setbacks.

During the braiding process or while making cornrows before sewing in weaves, hair gets pulled too tightly, thereby straining the scalp. This may cause hairline damage and also the formation of painful pimples around the follicles.

When buying weaves, make sure the quality is good and will not cause irritation. With braids, once they are installed, use the MegaGrowth Growth-Lotion to moisturize and protect your hair against breakage.

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