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Relaxer FAQ’s

Frequently Asked

MegaGrowth product development specialists and award-winning Stylist Professionals work hard together to research and develop exceptional conditioning and high-performance hair care for our Global Consumers. Here are just some of the top 10-15 general hair care, relaxer and styling frequently asked questions.

How frequently should I relax my hair?
We recommend that a relaxer retouch application be performed every 6-8 weeks. However, the frequency depends on the texture and growth rate of your hair.
What is “new growth”?
New growth is the hair that has grown from the scalp since the last relaxer treatment.
How does over-lapping relaxer, during product application damage my hair?
Overlapping relaxer treatments is called “over-processing”, and it unfortunately contributes to a large majority of hair damage. In over-processing, the hair is chemically treated repeatedly and this can cause dryness, split ends, breakage and even hair thinning or hair loss. All relaxer users must strictly follow the manufacturer’s prep details and application warnings & instructions for best results.
Do relaxers make hair & scalp dry?
If appropriate prep or application measures are not followed, any chemical treatment product has the potential to cause or aid in a variety of hair or scalp issues. You must remember, Relaxers are designed to permanently alter the physical structure of the hair. Taking hair from a curly or wavy pattern to a more straight pattern. The term “Relax” means to chemically relax the natural curl or spiral structure of the hair strand. Proper application of the relaxer product, adequate neutralization to bring pH down following the treatment and proper conditioning and maintenance, is critical for best results and long-term hair strength, health and vitality.
How do I determine the relaxer strength appropriate for me?
Every Relaxer kit includes an instruction sheet with a hair strand test detail. It's recommended that all Relaxer users, no matter usage experience, conduct a hair strand test prior to applying the relaxer product to the hair. This is vital, so the user is confident that the Relaxer strength and timing is appropriate to get the desired results. 60% to 70% of relaxer users are Regular strength candidates and 30% to 40% of relaxer users are Super strength candidates or for more for coarse hair candidates.
Should I have help when applying my relaxer?
In-home relaxer prep and product application has been made easier with our easy to follow kit materials and components. As with any Strength of Nature products, pre-measured segments or steps in the system have been added for safety and ease of use. For some women, with very thick, long or extremely coarse hair, or for a virgin hair treatment, or if you have a lot of new growth, having a friend who can help with the relaxation process is a win-win!
Can I use my regular shampoo when I relax or do a retouch?
No, with a chemical treatment, it’s always required for the user to use the Neutralizing Shampoo provided in the kit. Neutralizing Shampoo has ingredients that help lower the pH of the hair and scalp following a relaxer treatment, which is vital for stopping the relaxation process appropriately and closing down the cuticle layer on the outer layer of the hair strand.
Can I mix and save my Relaxer in fridge or freezer for future use?
No, this is asked quite a bit and it’s a myth! Once No-lye relaxer base and activator product components are mixed, they must be used within 10-12 hours and then any unused portion discarded. It is not “active” as a relaxer component or as stable and will not perform adequately. Keeping the mixed relaxer product cold or frozen and then thawed for future use is not recommended or advised to be done.