the science

behind our products

For over a decade, our scientists and cosmetologists have performed extensive research to understand your hair better. Based on their findings, they created a highly effective complex of natural ingredients to make your hair

Strong Inside. Beautiful Outside.
what customers say


  • Edith

    "I use the Mega Growth Relaxer & Leave-In Treatment. My hair doesn’t break now, it’s less time consuming and it became soft and bouncy. The Leave-In treatment helped my hair to grow."

  • Suzan

    "I used the Mega Growth Relaxer, Leave-In Treatment and Polisher & found them really helpful in reducing breakage and enhancing hair growth for me & my clients’ hair"

  • Mercy

    "I was always afraid of using chemicals in my hair but when I used Mega Growth I was pleasantly surprised. It adds volume and shine to your hair and the leave-in treatment helps the hair to break less. It’s awesome!"

  • Joyce

    "I used Mega Growth treatment kit & relaxer and unlike other products it gave me instant shine and volume and also the natural color of my hair came out."

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