Mega Strengthening Queen Kit (Sensitive Relaxer)

The kit includes below :

Stimulating Shampoo 345ml; Detangling Conditioner 345ml

MegaGrowth Deep Conditioner 250ml

MegaGrowth Leave in Treatment 250ml

MegaGrowth Growth Oil 236ml

Shower Caps and Spray Bottle

Here’s ensuring your wash days are Stronger and Healthier Hair Days with the MG Wash Day pack. Our specially curated pack consist of all you need from Wash Day products to After care maintenance for an end-to-end Wash Day regime. This pack for your journey towards Stronger & Healthier Hair includes:

  • MegaGrowth Stimulating Shampoo – Removes product build-up without stripping natural oils with maximum cleansing and gentle rinsing properties.

  • MegaGrowth Detangling Conditioner – Detangles the hair while leaving it conditioned & healthy.

  • MegaGrowth Deep Conditioner: Prevents hair damage; rebuilds and restores hair strength & shine. Protects against styling stresses.

  • MegaGrowth BreakFree Leave-in Strengthener – Strengthens it from deep within and adds moisture leaving the hair detangled, soft and silky.

  • MegaGrowth Growth Oil – Soothes the scalp and protects it from heat damage while promoting healthy looking growth.

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