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Why You Should Never Forget To Use A Neutralizer2 minute read

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One cannot overstate the importance of neautralizers in the relaxing process. Relaxers are strong chemicals that severely alter your hair’s structure. Once done, these chemicals must be stopped to prevent damage to hair and scalp. Here is where neutralizers step in. They bring the pH level of your hair and scalp back to normal, and prevent shedding and breakage. If you still aren’t convinced of the importance of this great product, keep reading!

1. Stops The Action Of Relaxers

Relaxers have the potential to cause burns on your scalp and completely dry out your hair, if left on for too long. Rinsing doesn’t always get rid of the chemicals. Neutralizers put a complete stop to relaxers before they cause too much damage, and get rid of the residue chemicals.

2. Restores pH Balance

Relaxers drastically change the pH levels of your hair and scalp. Neutralizers bring the levels back to normal. The MegaGrowth No Lye Regular Relaxer comes with a neutralizing shampoo that brings your scalp’s atmosphere back to a normal pH once you’re done with relaxing.

3. Prevents Brittleness

If you don’t use a neutralizer after relaxing, the chemicals in your hair can make your strands brittle and extremely dry. This will lead to severe hair loss and breakage eventually.

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