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Top Reasons Why Your Relaxed Hair Is Damaged3 minute read

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Relaxed hair is easier to manage than natural hair. However, this does not mean it does not require maintenance to remain healthy. Relaxers are chemicals which have the potential to damage your hair when not used right. Lack of care and attention can further make your scalp and hair suffer. If your relaxed hair is suffering from damage, here are the top reasons to explain why that may be happening.

1. Frequent Touch-Ups

Relaxers alter the structure of your hair permanently, and touch-ups are only required for new growth. Frequent touch-ups often cause overlapping of your hair, where you get relaxers on previously relaxed hair. This leads to over-processing and damage. So, ensure you have enough new growth before you make your next touch-up appointment and apply the MegaGrowth Breakfree Daily Leave-In Strengthener to previously relaxed hair for protection against over-processing before every session.

2. Heat-Styling

Heat makes your hair drier, and hence brittle. Heat-styling relaxed hair more than once a week can damage your strands over time.

3. High-Temperature Tools

Your heat-styling tools may have very high temperature settings. However, this does not mean you must use them on your hair. Keep the temperature controlled and avoid damaging your hair.

4. Dehydration

Relaxing can dry your hair out. The best way to replenish your hair’s moisture levels from the inside out is to drink plenty of water through the day. Also, don’t forget to moisturize and condition your hair. Apply warm MegaGrowth Anti- Breakage Strengthening Replenish Growth Oil before your regular shampoo wash. Once done, use the MegaGrowth Anti – Breakage Strengthening Deep Conditioner to lock in the moisture and make your hair soft and bouncy.

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